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Research Centre for ESG (CESG) and our Strategic Partner 

Established in 2021/22, the Research Centre for ESG (CESG) was created to facilitate academic research, conduct knowledge transfer, and educate society about ESG and business sustainability. We engaged in a variety of projects, collaborating with different organizations, from regional to international, such as Master Insight, YoujiVest, World Green Organization, and United Nations, to develop ESG scientific framework for listed firms and SMEs in Hong Kong, as well as Asia. Recently, we held the University Elite ESG Challenge to promote ESG and nurture talents. The ITF project on “Fostering Big Data Applications and Innovation to Reflect Corporate ESG Performance through Media and Social Listening” is the latest example of CESG’s effort in promoting Fintech x ESG in Hong Kong.

In addition, the Department of Economics and Finance of the HSUHK serves as the project's strategic partner. The department has recently received over $19 million of funding under the “Enhancement and Start-up Grant Scheme” (ESGS) of the Education Bureau for the launch of a four-year "FinTech Literacy Enhancement" project. which includes three FinTech modules covering Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications across the finance industry, FinTech management, and FinTech regulations and ethics. This Fintech expertise can be useful in supporting the seminars and conferences we organize.

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In addition, the Centre aims to conduct research and consultancy projects to support better ESG engagement and integration for businesses and the society.


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