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Big Data & Fintech

Section 1: Research on Fintech done by Professor Louis Cheng

A survey report related to fintech penetration was done by Professor Louis Cheng and his team in 2022 to find out thoughts and opinions on the financial services provided by traditional banks (both physical and online services), virtual banks, and online investment platforms from the perspectives of Hong Kong bank customers. Professor Louis Cheng presents his findings in the report in response to the survey result and proposes several suggestions for traditional banks. The following documents are the survey report.

Section 2: Relevant Article

Why AI-Managed Supply Chains Have Fallen Short and How to Fix Them

Written by: Pepe Rodriguez, Stefan Gstettner, Ashish Pathak, Ram Krishnan, and Michael Spaeth

The article concludes the reason for slow progress in supply chain management by AI. Despite the inherent complexity of supply chain management and high turnover rate of high-potential performers, lack of AI-driven learning systems leads to difficult to realize AI-powered autonomous supply chain. Therefore, the passage suggests an integrated learning system can enhance agility and learning of AI to accelerate and enhance the maturity of automated execution. It recommends several steps to realize the vision of an integrated learning system.

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